Create tick-to-order forms with ease

Connect the paper information you give to customers or suppliers (order forms; take-away menus; newsletters) to your digital systems (speeding up ordering; improving advertising…)

TicQR, as the name suggests, works by letting the user tick areas on any piece of paper. Then, when they take a picture of it, the ticks are turned into digital selections. So consider these possibilities:

  • A take-away pizza restaurant sends out menu cards to all homes in its areas. A hungry customer comes home and with their family goes through the choices, ticking the things they want. He then takes a picture of the menu and the order is sent through immediately.
  • Your community newsletter has adverts from many local businesses dotted throughout its pages. Ticking any of them and then taking a photo, a user is later sent an email with further information or coupons for a discount.

At a glance

Use TicQR to quickly and easily create tick-to-order forms. Start with the code maker and add tickboxes to your order form, then download the app from Google Play to place orders.

Tick boxes on paper next to the items you would like to order Take a photo of the page using the TicQR app An email to the supplier is automatically generated

Create your own documents

The code maker helps you quickly and easily create your own TicQR and PaperChains documents. Upload a background image and add tickboxes anywhere on the form – the printout is an instant interactive order form. Give it a try now!

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