Distribute digital leaflets and web apps

Promote your business and guide customers to complementary and activities through digital downloads to their own smart phone or tablet.

More and more customers and visitors are carrying a smart phone or tablet. They can use these devices to download and view information about your business, such as your values, products and how to find you. If someone is searching the whole web they may never find your web site.

This tool allows you to use a standard smart phone or tablet as a digital leaflet stand, making the downloads that you have chosen directly available to customers and visitors in situ. No more confusing lists of irrelevant search results: the app helps you and your customer to select the most relevant content and guides you both through the process of downloading it to their smart phone or tablet.

The tool also allows you to make digital downloads available even where WiFi and 3G aren’t available: the kiosk device can transfer the content directly to the customer’s device over its own wireless network.

At a glance

Use the kiosk to easily distribute digital leaflets and other downloads. Download the app now from Google Play and start by downloading some example content to try it out. Then get up your own editor set up and create your own sets of downloads.

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